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Story of the company

1989: creation of the company

After having followed sets of courses and passed the examination of federal control of mechanics Jean-Claude Beuchat and Philippe Maître decide to join to create their company.

They are likely to find a company which was to be sold and it is the Houriet company in Tramelan. That owners wish to take advantage of their right to the retirement after long years of work to the service of the clock industry. The company is taken again by the two new associates with the assistance of the Foundation of Regional Economic Impulse (FIER).


The brackets and other tools manufactured by Houriet are sold under the trade mark.

For this reason on the 1st February of this year was created the Society of the same name.


They will spend 8 months in company of Mr Roland Houriet to Tramelan, 8 months during which know-how for the manufacture of the tools of clock industry will be forwarded to them. At the end of 1989 Horia S.A. decided to move in Courfaivre in more roomy buildings.

Horia - usine Houriet & Cie in Tramelan
Horia - usine
Horia - Usine Houriet about the years 1935

1990: Jean Walliser & Sons

Jean Walliser & Fils

In June 1990 Horia S.A decides to take one second company again, it is question of the house Jean Walliser and Sons in Bienne but, not obtaining the authorizations necessary by the cantonal authority for an enlarging of the manufacturing unit in Courfaivre in order to be able to establish the various machines which are in Bienne, they will just take part of them, some machine tools and the manufacture of specific for the clock industry and the jewellery.

During several months Mr. Jean-Pierre Walliser remained a very invaluable collaborator.
He could transmit to both associated all his genius and communicates the desire for undertaking and the manner of directing a company.

1992 Purchase of the Cock Steiner


In July 1992 it is the Thiébaut firm in Bôle which is proposed to them and, after a short negotiation, they become owners of the trade mark "the Cock" Steiner.

There too, it is not possible to take again the manufacture of the turns of clock and watch makers, turns to be swivelled and other specific apparatuses without a thorough formation and the acquisition of the knowledge - to make this firm. It is what they do each one their turn while going to Bôle during several weeks after which they decide all to repatriate in the buildings of Courfaivre.

1994 More than one logo


It is in 1994 that the 2 marks are assembled to give rise to the current logo. As of this moment, they decide to expand the range of their products and start to develop several new products necessary to clock making industry as well as the tools necessary for the service after sale of various marks.

1998 From Courfaivre to Courtételle

Once more the lack of place for the manufacture and the installation of new machines oblige them to find new buildings. It is in Courtételle which they buy up a building that they arrange us for their needs.

2003 Enlarging

In order to have a more powerful working tool it misses a little surface to them and this is why they decide to double the surface of their firm. Work begins in March 2003 to finish in February 2004. Horia S.A. lays out from now on clear and roomy buildings to answer as well as possible at the requests of the customers.

Horia SA
Rue de l'avenir 23
2852 Courtételle

Tél. +41 32 422 60 70
Fax. +41 32 422 60 71


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